Monday, January 23, 2006

To do in my future...☆

I have not decided yet what I will do in my future.
But, these days I have been thinking it because I want to think about except my tests! Then, I didn't expect, but I found the job I want to do in my future. I will make it my top secret now because I am afraid it will be cheap if I say it easily. is relative to a peace in Japan, I hope so. I would like to make my country peaceful as much as I can, which leads a world peace, I believe. So, the job is very attractive for me.
But, of course, it is hard to get the job, so I have to study much harder. But I will...because finding my dream is making me more acctive. I feel so good!!
Anyway, I must study for my tests at university.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Abou my spring vacation...☆

Why do I like to think about something happy plan while I must study for the tests?? Because I am always doing that. But, I have no choice! I will think about my spring vacation...
In Feburary, I will have to study for my seminar's presentation. My topic is "World War two from Russian", so maybe I will be very busy in that month.
So, in March, I want to go somewhere very much!!!!!
Then, where should I go..??
I want to see something about history like the remains or heritages. Besides, now I am interesting about Wars before, so.....I would like to go to Korea!! That is where they are still fighting tragically. And they used to be same nationality.
I want to know well about Korean War these days. I think it is worth investigating for me. I am going to Hung-Mon Ten, at latitude 40N in the Korean Peninsula. I am thinking how I will feel it. And I know that feeling will be precious for me, so I am already looking for going there!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I want to learn...!!

I knew I have known few things in this world. And there are many things I have to learn.
But sometimes I don't want to learn because of my tiredness(m--m)
But now... I have many things I want to learn!!!
First of all, about my favorite country, Russia. There are lovely friends in Russia, so I would like to make our country's realtionship better.
Then I need to learn for this. Besides, I can enjoy studying this!!
Second of all, about the "War".These days, I think I have to learn about wars more becasue we have duty to tell next generations. But now, the people who experienced thw wars are becoming few.If we don't know about wars now, how would we tell them??
Third of all, of course, English. I am not still a good at speaking English. So I need to learn and want to learn cause I want to talk with many people in other countries.
Well, I decided this is my aspiration this year!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

To become an adult...!!

I became an adult today, I mean socially. That is because today is the day when people who became or will become 20 years old this year are admitted to join Japanese society.
Actually, my feelings were not changing so much, but I could see the people who are same age. There were many friends whom I had not seen for many years at the hall where the party was held in my hometown, Hiroshima. We were very excited to see again each other and talked happily. And I found... they became adults. They looked not changed so much outside, but inside, each of them became stronger and had a beautiful dream and were trying to make it true someday. They looked more shining than 6 or 7 years ago. I was surprised...! How about me?? I wonder... but maybe I am not an exception.(I hope so...)
In this way, we were becoming adults......that is incredible!! We are moving everyday!! I found it today thanks to my old friends.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

When I came back to home...

Our winter vacation finally began!!
Soon, I came back to my hometown, Hiroshima because I promised my old friend who were going back to Hiroshima from American university.
I met her and talked with her as soon as I came back to hometown.
I have been looking forward to listening to her interesting and happy story at American university's life.
However, the life in America for Japanese students are harder than I and she expected.
She said "sometimes they don't talk with me just because I am a Japanese girl even in a class. "
I was a little bit surprised to know the fact.
What do you think?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

About My aunt

A woman died just a year ago.
She was my aunt. She was married with my mother's brother, and had a child who is 13years old. I liked her because she looked very beautiful and is womanlike, but actually she was very strong mentally and often scolded her child, my cousin.But for me, she was always kind and advised something on me.
Then, she died.....
The most surprised thing for me is that the world is going on without her now. I had never imagined this situation, so I didn't think this world didn't change without her. I feel sad because of the fact.
This world never cange because one woman died.
But, the world around her is completely changing.
Her husband, my uncle, and her child, my cousin, are trying to move on, and becoming stronger every day, I think.
And of course in me, something is changing.
Her death surely influenced the world around me.....
With a whole my love and thanks to her...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

a girl meet a politician...

Hello! Dear my blog.
Guess what??
I went to someone's lecture last was Gorbachev's!!
Maybe nobody can't imagine how excited I was☆
As everyone knows, he is a former president of Russia.
He changed Russia, actually, he did "Perestroika" which means reformation.
The greatest thing for me was his talking about it, Perestroika.
He said, "This year is 20th anniversary of Perestroika. And many people ask me whether that was succeeded.
I answer all the time,"Yes, I won." But actually, nobody can't know whether that was succeeded or not.
Even I can't know that because it is only 20 years! We still can't judge it because it is only 20 years.
Judgement should be done by future ages...the people who will call it one of "historys".
All we have to do is having a view of long run and doing what we have to for do the world now and future. That is it."
I thought he was a real politician! I am not a strong socialist,but what he said to us was reasonable opinion.
I was so glad to meet and listen to a real politician of Russia.
Next week, Vladimir Putin, the incumbent president of Russia is coming to Japan.
I am very interested in what he will say about Russo-Japanese relationship or the world now.
Take care...because it is getting very cold these days!!